• • environmental impacts,
  • • network actors,
  • • recycling efficiency,
  • • industrial plant,
  • • new raw materials.

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Texyloop® is :

• the polyester-PVC flexible composite material recycling technology,

• an industrial plant located at Ferrare in Italy :
the Texyloop® process is implemented in the Vinyloop Ferrara SPA plant, JV Solvay 60%, Serge Ferrari® 40%.

• a European-wide network,

• a producer of new raw materials, re-used in Serge Ferrari® production chains and in other industries.

• the warranty of valuation methods (Life Cycle Analyzes) that are ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standardized and undertaken regularly
by independent specialist consultants.

In all its areas of activity, Serge Ferrari® has ensured its long-term development through its capacity to anticipate and innovate
on human, social, technological, commercial, marketing and environmental scales. The Serge Ferrari® Group controls
every discipline in the production chain : thread manufacturing, weaving, fabric coating and now new raw material production
through the recycling process.
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Serge Ferrari® Group
innovating capacity

Serge Ferrari® a family business, since 1974 have developed flexible composite materials for many applications and is recognized internationally for quality and innovation

In 1991, the Serge Ferrari ® Group has become the first European coating weaver to obtain the international certification of ISO 9002 quality assurance.

The recycling

Over the years, the flexible composite (Polyester/PVC) material production becomes very important.

In 1996, an awareness was increased by the exponential development of the Sign market (printed fabrics for display), and the recycling issue became inevitable.

No industrial unit of this kind existed on a large scale. So, the Serge Ferrari ® Group researched and developed its own technology.

To invent a new process :
the Texyloop® challenge

The challenge was great : to invent a technology that can separate the components of the flexible composite materials in order to create single raw materials.

The Serge Ferrari® Group, together with Solvay, developed this technology and created a prototype unit to recycle the flexible composite materials.

To set up a recycling plant :
the Ferrare challenge

The Texyloop® challenge was achieved by large scale investment in our plant located in Ferrare, Italy.

We collected 80 tons between 2002 and 2003, increasing to 500 tons in 2008.

In October 2008, the plant was operational and the first tons of new raw materials were produced. Here starts the visit !

To constitute a collection network
to feed the loop

In 2004, the Serge Ferrari ® Group established an European collection network to create a stock of end-of-life fabrics to feed the loop. This involved training its members in the correct methods to ensure fabric preparation prior to entry into the loop (what kind of products, how to sort, what kind of packing and how to deliver).

At this time, the network comprised of 4 French companies. In 2012, they are more than 80 in Europe. They are recycling and they are making it known

To prove the eco-efficiency
of the loop

The Serge Ferrari® Group carried out a Life Cycle Analyses to all their products.

These evaluations revealed that most impacts (around 80%) appear before the transformation of raw materials. Lets calculate the reduction of the environmental impact due to the recycling

Integration of new raw materials
in the production

Since 2010, the Serge Ferrari® Group has introduced new ranges of products that are using raw materials from the loop in their manufacturing. In 2012 a fabric made with recycled polyester fibers was developed. Raw materials : lets discover their second life...